Impactful & Everlasting

Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, Art is reborn into Eternity.

Exclusive NFT Collection

Display a piece of history in your home.
A limited 10,000 NFT’s will circulate as the only authentic connection to the Masterpiece “Fantasmones Siniestros” by Frida Kahlo.
Last valued at over $10,000,000 USD.

Open site in Metamask Browser or Connect Metamask extension, and click MINT PAGE button below:

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Certificate of Authenticity
Study of the Painting
Estudio de Obra


The project will pass through various phases.


Phase 1

  • Project Introduction
  • Frida.NFT is introduced worldwide through exclusive interviews, AMA’s, partner sneak peeks, & special guest interviews

  • Allowlist Opens
  • Allowlist applications open for early access to the Pinnacle Frida NFT Collection

  • Pinnacle Mint
  • Minting will take place over the course of 4 days, or waves. Staggering the process will help ensure an efficient & friendly user experience. Keep in mind that wave 4 will only take place if necessary.

  • Premiere VIP Launch
  • Our community will kick-off shortly after mint in a luxurious South Florida mansion with a curated list of attendees for the first 150 holders of the genesis collection. This historic event will be followed by an incredible phygital experience during Art Basel Miami.

    Phase 2

  • NFT Reveal
  • The minted NFT meta-data is updated to reveal the full artwork & rarity tiers (Higher rarity = increased benefits)
    Rarity will be as follows: First 100 will be Genesis holders and the other 9,900 will be released in 4 tiers of Fantasmones NFT.

  • Exclusive Giveaways
  • Several giveaways will be held for NFT holders. Giveaway items may include real world items, digital items, and exclusive experiences.

  • Tier 1 Partner Reveal
  • Announcing several Friday.NFT partners & collaborators. Including at least one tier 1 partnership.

  • Membership Benefits
  • Introduction to rewards & benefits to Frida NFT holders.


    Phase 3

  • Premiere VIP Launch
  • Our community will kick-off with a member-only inaugural Art Festival held in a private tropical paradise. Community members will enjoy live viewings of timeless masterpieces, renowned art exhibits, & live art creations which will be donated.

  • Glimpse into the Future
  • Release future plans, roadmap 2.0, & a fully defined calendar of digital and physical events, experiences, & auctions.

  • Major Utility & Partner Benefits Reveal
  • Announce additional major partners, membership benefits, & partner perks for Frida NFT holders.

  • Second Premier Event
  • This historic event will be followed by an incredible phygital experience during Art Basel Miami. You must hold a Fantasmones NFT to attend our second event.

    Explore our Member Benefits Below

    Frida Kahlo Biography

    Photo of Frida Kahlo by her Father Guillero Kahlo, 16 October 1932


    Frida Kahlo, (born July 6, 1907, Coyoacán, Mex.—died July 13, 1954, Coyoacán), Mexican painter.

    The daughter of a German Jewish photographer, she had polio as a child and at 18 suffered a serious bus accident. She subsequently underwent some 35 operations; during her recovery, she taught herself to paint.

    She is noted for her intense self-portraits, many reflecting her physical ordeal. Like many artists working in post-revolutionary Mexico, Kahlo was influenced by Mexican folk art; this is apparent in her use of fantastical elements and bold use of colour, and in her depictions of herself wearing traditional Mexican, rather than European-style, dress.

    Her marriage to painter Diego Rivera (from 1929) was tumultuous but artistically rewarding. The Surrealists André Breton and Marcel Duchamp helped arrange exhibits of her work in the U.S. and Europe, and though she denied the connection, the dreamlike quality of her work has often led historians to identify her as a Surrealist.

    She died at 47. Her house in Coyoacán is now the Frida Kahlo Museum.



    Frida.NFT is a pioneering innovative platform leveraging blockchain technology to reform the charity industry through increased transparency, donation frequency, and donor incentive.

    Frida.NFT creates the bridge between the traditional art world and the expanding potential of Web 3.0. This community-driven initiative has a vision to introduce Frida’s work into the metaverse and leverage her powerful likeness to bring together a community of collectors, creators, and art lovers on a mission to merge the traditional art world with the digital art world’s expanding potential and immortalize humanities story.

    Martin Mobarak

    Mr. Martin Mobarak is the CEO and Founder of Frida.NFT, a pioneering and innovative blockchain technology reforming the charity industry to increase transparency, donation frequency, and donor incentive.


    The wearer of many hats, in addition to founding Frida.NFT, Mr. Mobarak is a public speaker, an accomplished businessman, and a passionate advocate for charities that improve children's health, fired up by his own personal experience in fighting rare children's diseases as a parent.

    Mr. Mobarak's vision is to introduce Frida’s work into the metaverse and leverage her powerful likeness to bring together a community of collectors, creators, and art lovers on a mission to merge the traditional art world with the expanding potential of the digital worlds in art and immortalize humanities story.

    He is committed to create a unique GFT NFT to help solve the problem charities need to help the less fortunate as well as fight for domestic violence against women, and support parents of children with debilitating diseases. He is a recognized business leader, being named as one of the country's top CEOs, and philanthropic entrepreneurs by Exeleon Magazine.

    Strong believer in conscious-minded leadership, he is active in several cause-based charities, such as the Association of Children with "Crouzon syndrome", Association for Children with Autism, The Autism Society, Fundacion Origen, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Ronald McDonald House Charities.

    As an art alchemist transforming physical art into digital gold, he supports the Frida Kahlo Museum of Coyoacan in Mexico, the Palace of Fine Arts,in Mexico, and the National School of Plastic Arts in Mexico City.

    Martin is an innovator, business leader, financier and a talented entrepreneur recognized for his product and technology innovations, leadership talents, business formulations skills and focus on crypto and NFT investments.


    An NFT is a Non-fungible token. It is a unique blockchain asset, which can be owned and through a wallet, prove the ownership.

    There will be 10,000 total. Within those, 300 will be Genesis Founders, a further 1000 will be the Deltas, and the remaining 8700 normal holders.

    The Holders will all receive the highest-resolution, PNG format of the Front and Back of the art piece.
    They will also receive a write-up explaining the story around the piece, and a copy of the certificate of authenticity. There will also be a few animated GIFs and short movie loops, for displaying in digital picture frames or projecting onto walls.
    These will be in addition to the membership perks bestowed upon holders.

    The painting was permanently transitioned into the Metaverse on July 30th, 2022.

    The chain of custody was fully documented. The painting was certified for authenticity on July 30th,2022, and immediately placed in the custody of Guardian Professional Security. Fantasmones Siniesteros was certified authentic by the top Frida Kahlo Curator, Andres Siegel. The painting was held in Guardian Professional Security’s vault until the date of our event. Joe Harmon, Director of Guardian Security, delivered the piece on July 30th, 20222, and verified that the painting was in their possession, under strict vault security, from the date of pickup to the delivery. Video recordings of the event, with 200+ attendees witnessing this historic moment, can be viewed on You can check the Certificate of authenticity and Guardian Security invoice.


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